Whoopie delights!

Whoopie delights!

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A delightful "Whoopie!" of gourmet treats! 

This gratitude box includes:

Whoopie Pies (4 pk) - Delectable chocolate cake sandwiched between sweet fluffy frosting

Cheesecake Ripple Brownies (2 pk) - A decadent chocolate brownie with ripples of cream-cheese

Almond dipped macaroons (4 pk) - Delicious Almond Macaroon cookies dipped in chocolate

Pecan butter balls (12 pk) - A dozen delicious crumbly pecan cookies dusted in confectionary sugar



Handcrafted by local artisans in concord Massachusetts.

Includes a donation to the national Multiple Sclerosis foundation!

Features a personalized postcard message and free shipping!

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