About Us

At Hit the Spot Treats we offer a “Taste of the Gourmet”

Our dessert collections introduce the finest flavors New England has to offer.

Our gourmet gift boxes celebrate the talents of exceptionable local American artisans, dedicated to making delectable desserts using high-quality honest ingredients.  

Each box  is carefully selected with finely crafted favorites— gorgeously placed with seasonal touches in our signature black boxes.  

When you give the gift of Hit the Spot Treats, you are assured of always giving the gourmet gift of good taste, to every person for every occasion. 

Above all, we take pride in supporting locally-owned businesses, spreading social responsibility and donating to charitable contributions. 

At Hit the Spot Treats we consider it a privilege to assist you in selecting the perfect gift to some of life’s most memorable and impactful events.

Remember Hit The Spot Treats,  when you want to give the gift that will be remembered!

Have you ever eaten something so delicious that it stopped you in your tracks for a pure moment of enjoyment?
Well welcome to Hit the Spot Treats!
Here at Hit the Spot Treats we support local and small businesses that are hidden gems creating love crafted gourmet treats.
Our most cherished memories in life have been those special moments around the dinner table shared with family celebrating each other and life through gratitude!
It is our hopes that through Hit the Spot treats we can help others to unlock the power of gratitude! 
We believe practicing gratitude will unleash the individual’s inner strength and the power.
When you embrace gratitude, powerful positive energy will start to follow you around in your daily life. You will begin to appreciate and see the world around you in a different light.
By practicing this you will have a richer quality of life, through appreciation of your family, your community, and the world around you.
We want people to enjoy happiness, delicious treats and look forward to the beginning of a new beautiful day.
The important aspect about mastering gratitude is to love oneself, to love others through becoming a community minded person, and to embrace the philosophy of giving back.
We love giving back to our community through working with small businesses, spreading positivity, and donating to organizations making positive change through charity and scientific innovations! Such as the MS foundation.
Hit the Spot Treats is creating a community of people who enjoy the abundance that life has around us. 
Welcome to our community we are glad you came!
Giving back:
$1 of each box is donated to charities designed to help better people’s quality of life!
We are proud to support our community and are excited to encourage a butterfly effect of positivity!
This quarter we will be donating to:
The MS Society in hopes of a cure
This charity is near and dear to our hearts. Unfortunately we have lost 2 very special people in our lives to the disease. These family members were inspirational through the love they gave and the positivity they shared with the community. 
Together creating the Celebration of Life yearly fundraiser. Through their efforts they donated thousands of dollars in hopes for a cure and we are continuing their legacy in hopes to continue their wish for a cure and to help those in the community like them.
In loving memory of:
Salvatore Salamone & Letizia Reynolds.     
We have suspended or MS charity this quarter to donate to Coronavirus relief!
$1 off every box will be donated to "No Kid Left Hungry" to feed children in America effected by the recent pandemic.


Click here to learn more about "No Kid Left Hungry" and their mission!

After this we will continue our MS society donations for next quarter.




Founded By
Sandra Wallmann
Welcome to Hit The Spot Treats! I am happy you found us! 
Coming from a big Italian family my parents gave me the "Dolce Vita" at every meal, especially at dessert time!
The shared time we had over delicious food full of great conversation and laughter together have become my most cherished memories. 
I want to share my family's tradition with your family, friends, and loved ones and my hopes with Hit The Spot Treats is that each box will be accompanied with shared time with you and your loved ones.
What better way to bring people together then with delicious delectables!
Our collections support American artisans who have a passion for creating unique exquisite desserts.   
So celebrate life and enjoy! We know you will love each hand crafted treat!
Meet the Team!
Hit The Spot Treats is a family owned and operated business! 
Our vendors are small businesses in America.
Are you a small business looking to have your products featured on our website? Email us through our contact page by clicking here for more information!