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About Us

Hit the Spot Treats offers an assortment of delicate chocolates and desserts that will inspire you. These hand-crafted delights offer an unforgettable glimpse of the good life.


These gourmet desserts were hand-selected by our team as the perfect escape after a long day. Crafted with care and precision, each of these delicacies arrives with a sensational burst of flavor.      


All of the items in each of our meticulously-packed boxes were chosen for their unique taste and their intrinsic value in the collection. Our selections come together in cohesive units that can be enjoyed over the course of a memorable evening or relished over a longer period.


These delicious collections make the perfect birthday gifts, thinking of you gifts, corporate gifts and more


Send these to your family, customers, friends, loved ones they will also say 


Ah That's It



Founded By

Sandra Wallmann

Welcome to Hit The Spot Treats! I am happy you found us! 

Coming from a big Italian family my parents gave me the "Dolce Vita" at every meal, especially at dessert time!

The shared time we had over delicious food full of great conversation and laughter together have become my most cherished memories. 

I want to share my family's tradition with your family, friends, and loved ones and my hopes with Hit The Spot Treats is that each box will be accompanied with shared time with you and your loved ones.

What better way to bring people together then with delicious delectables!

Our collections support American artisans who have a passion for creating unique exquisite desserts.   

So celebrate life and enjoy! We know you will love each hand crafted treat!