Shine at your next Open House like Patty - Here’s how

A special thank you to Patty Sutherland of P. Sutherland Group, for welcoming us into her open house! It was such a pleasure to help you share your cookie business card and we are so glad we could help you share gratitude with your clients! 

Are you in the market for a home? Patty is an incredibly talented and passionate realtor. If you are looking for a Realtor in Massachusetts, you need to talk to her! 

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It's such an honor to have Patty as one of our valued Corporate Gratitude Partners. She is such a pleasure to work with and we are so delighted that the treats always Hit the Spot with her clients! 

Our cookie business card and our Dark Chocolate Hearts are a favorite Gratitude token of Patty’s! She says,”​​Hit the Spot Treats have delighted my clients over and over again.” Patty usually includes a personal story along with her treats to further her connections. It's a great way to break the ice with new customers and create an opportunity to grow them into long-lasting clients. 

She also has her own signature collections we have created with her to send her clients curated gifts unique to her business. Patty says, “They especially like the whoopie pies when "whoopie" they've sold their home.” One of Patty’s favorite tokens of Gratitude is her signature Gratitude Box that includes Whoopie pies to embody the excitement of selling or buying their home! She loves being able to give her clients their first experience of Gratitude in their new home as well as honoring their relationship by giving them a token of appreciation for their continued relationship. 

We can help you create a specialized plan for your business just as we have helped Patty and other realtors and businesses alike to help you grow your client relationships through gratitude! As Patty says, “Sandra and her team make the process of sharing something special with my clients as easy as pie!”

It is an honor to spotlight Patty as our Valued Corporate Gratitude Partner! #CorporatePartnerSpotlight

Want to shine at your next open house like Patty? 

You too can have your own branded treats and more, perfect to welcome new clients and to further your connections through Gratitude. 

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