Mastering the Art of Gratitude Gifting: Practical Tips and Tricks


It's time to elevate your gifting game and make every present a heartfelt expression of gratitude! 

Here are some expert tips to become a pro at gratitude gifting:

Recognize & Appreciate: The most overlooked part of any gift is the card. When someone takes the time to tell you why they appreciate you, your gesture truly becomes a token of gratitude. Tell them the reasons, whether it's for their support in your business or their support in your personal life, tell them it's their support that really matters to you. People like to know why you are grateful for them and your gift will be much more memorable with it!

Quality Over Quantity: Focus on quality rather than quantity. A well-thought-out, meaningful gift holds more value than multiple random presents. It's the thought and sentiment that count.

Timing is Key: Consider unexpected moments to express gratitude. It doesn't always have to coincide with a special occasion. A surprise gift can make a significant impact. A specific date of recognition one often forgets is a wonderful opportunity as well! Examples like a realtor sending a gift years after they sold a home to reconnect with old clients and remind them of the date you helped them move into their new home, or a boss who remembers an integral employee's work anniversary. Timing can be everything and shows a deeper level of connection remembering an intimate detail about someone.  

Imagine if you received a gift that included these three things? How would you feel?

Join us in our mission to make gifting with gratitude a way of life. Together, let's create a world where kindness and appreciation are celebrated every day.

With gratitude,

Your Gifting Concierge

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