6 tips you need to know when hiring new employees!

Are you on the hunt for top talent to join your business? Here are some tips to help you attract and hire the best candidates out there.


Firstly, make sure you clearly define the job role and responsibilities, so that potential candidates know exactly what is expected of them.

Secondly, use multiple recruitment channels to reach a wider audience and cast your net as far as possible.

Thirdly, highlight your company culture and values to attract like-minded individuals who will fit in well with your team.

Fourthly, focus on skills and potential rather than just traditional qualifications, as these can often be limiting.

Fifthly, have a structured interview process and involve multiple team members to ensure a fair and thorough evaluation.

Finally, send them an onboarding gift to welcome them into the culture of your business! Make sure your gift is representative of your brand!


A Hit The Spot Treats Gratitude box is a great way to welcome them as a valued team member! 



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