3 things to keep in mind when gifting to your clients and/or business partners

When choosing a gift for an acquaintance it can be hard to choose the right one that can really make an impact. 

Here are some things to consider when gifting to clients and business partners:

  1. What sort of budget should you allocate to your gift? Usually it is customary to spend 1 - 5% of the profit that the client or business partner brings into your business. For example, if you are a realtor, take the amount of the commission you made from the sale and then look for a gift that costs somewhere in between 1 - 5% of that commission. You could even purchase multiple gifts over the course of the year that all add up to that 1 - 5%. When you spread out your budget like this you can make the most impact so your recipients remember you for repeat business, remember you when referring your business to others, and they will talk about your business to people over time! 
  2. Choose a gift that is personalized for your clients enjoyment. When choosing a gift, think of your client’s likes and dislikes! Did they mention they like chocolates? Share with them a box of chocolates you know and love! Did they mention that they are gluten free? Send them some gluten free treats! When you do this, you build rapport with your clients. Oftentimes when we are working we make it all about business, we don't share personal details and the customer is treated as just a transaction. When you choose to show appreciation to your customer by surprising them after the transaction is completed, that is when they are invited to become a client. When clients feel valued and appreciated they love to do business with you and talk about your business!
  3. Write a meaningful message pertaining to the service you provided. Make sure your client knows exactly why you are sending them a gift. Use your words and spell it out for them! Be specific! For example, If you are a remodeler, thank your client for allowing you into their home and for their trust in you to create an amazing new space in their home. When you write a meaningful message and tell them exactly why you are sending them a gift, it ensures your client will feel appreciated, valued, and welcomed into your company's community.

Want help implementing a gifting strategy? We can help you craft the perfect custom box, craft the perfect gratitude message to ensure your client feels appreciated, and we can help you with date reminders so you can implement your gifting strategy throughout the year! We help you so you have more time to get back to what you do best, providing an amazing service your clients love! 

Don't let your clients forget you! 

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