Google Reviews - 5 Stars

Thomas Buckborough - 5 stars

"Hit the Spot Treats are a delicious gift for any purpose, business or personal! Deliciously made and fresh.

Highly recommended."


Tyler Ziemba - 5 Stars

"I received a box of baked goods as a gift. Put them out over Christmas and my family enjoyed every baked good that there was. I personally enjoyed the whoopie pie with a glass of milk!!"


Phillip Salamone - 5 Stars

"I like all the treats very delicious and they all hit the spot. I am half way through the treats and they are out of this world. They are to die for. I am sure to order when I finish the box."


Lisa Boisvert - 5 Stars

"I received an amazing box of treats the other day! The chocolate chip and white chocolate and cranberry cookies are amazing. We are excited to try the rest of the food!"


Sal Salamone - 5 Stars


Facebook Recommendations 5 out of 5


Paula Tessier Carr

"Just received my delivery today. Absolutely delicious!! And...such a beautiful package. What a great gift!! Unique desserts

I received the Gluten Free package and couldn’t believe how delicious it was! By far the best gluten free desserts I have tried!"
Lisa Firmani Boisvert
" My daughter has been diagnosed with ceilacs disease and we have been having a hard time finding cakes and cookies that taste good. We were introduced to Hit The Spot Treats. The food is amazing! I can't say enough about this company!"
Marina Brodskaya
" What a wonderful and delicious way to treat someone for a special occasion or to say Thank You. Top notch quality!"
Laura Sauter
" What a treat- literally. I received a box of their treats at the conclusion of a meeting and enjoyed their fine creations for days to come! Everyone in my house got to try the assortment! Each and everyone better than the last! Yum!"