What is a Hit the Spot Treats Gratitude Box?

We crafted the Gratitude box to ensure your gift recipients feel valued and they are welcomed into an experience they will enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. 

So what goes into the gratitude box?

1. The Treats

First, we have our gourmet baked treats and other items specifically chosen for their quality and enjoyability. We taste test and quality check all of our vendors to ensure they make an impact and are up to our standards of a luxurious gift we know your recipient will love! We have many varieties of Gratitude Boxes and our list of selections are continually growing! We are excited to soon be adding additions to our plethora of collections, including a new tea box and a new Golf inspired Gratitude Box, perfect for recognizing an important business partner. We know we can help you find the perfect gift your recipient will love, you can even email or call us and we can create a custom box just for you to send!

2. The Gratitude Activity

The second component of our Gratitude Boxes is our Gratitude activity designed to invite your recipient into an experience to revel in the things they are grateful for. When we stop to think about the things we are grateful for in life, it can totally change our mood and make our day a memorable one. This positivity is what you are inviting your gift recipient into when you share a gratitude box with them. It is a chance for them to celebrate themselves through focusing on the things in life they love! This can have a profound effect on someone's life, especially since you shared gratitude with them by giving them the opportunity to receive a gift. Sharing gratitude in this way can have a profound positive impact on our lives and relationships

3. The Personal Message

The most underrated part of a gift is the message that is included. Many people rush over this part thinking that the gift itself will make the impact we want. But a well written message is oftentimes more memorable than the gift itself. When a gift is accompanied with a thoughtful message it ensures the recipient knows the exact reason as to why you are grateful for them. Why are you sending this person a gift? Tell them! When you tell your recipient clearly why we appreciate having this person in your life it makes an enormous impact. When was the last time someone told you they truly appreciate you? With our new world of today we often forget to share this very thing with each other. Not telling people in their lives just how much they care and appreciate their presence in their lives is something many people regret later on in their lives. 

Every box even includes a donation to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to encourage a butterfly ripple effect of positivity. 

Want help creating the perfect gratitude box and message? We can help you with everything from custom box creation, gratitude messaging for your recipient, and help you through every step of the process!


Go to https://calendly.com/hitthespottreats/planning to set up a meeting with one of our gifting experts to get started