The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life

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Order before 2/5/2021 to ensure it will arrive before the holiday!


With flavors of lemon, coconut, raspberry and apricot, this gratitude box will have you feeling tropically sweet! Gourmet treats handmade by local artisans through small business bakeries.


This Gratitude Box Includes:

Lemon Cookies (4) - Soft lemon cookies with a sweet icing

Raspberry Bars (2)- Raspberry Bars - a delicious crumbly pastry bar with layers of sweet raspberry filling

Coconut macaroons (4) - Sweet macaroons made with sweet coconut 

Linzer Apricot Cookies (4)- A soft Linzer cookie with gooey sweet apricot jelly


Handcrafted by local artisans in concord Massachusetts.

Includes a donation to the national Multiple Sclerosis foundation!

Features a personalized postcard message and free shipping!