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Indulge Collection

Hit The Spot Treats

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Indulge Collection
Indulge Collection
Indulge Collection
Indulge Collection

Pre-Order now before Feb 1, 2020 to deliver your box in time for Valentines Day!

Gourmet Chocolates Made by Passionate American Artisans in Wisconsin. Indulge in a delicious selection of treats, to be enjoyed by one or shared. 

9 Dark Chocolate Hearts

A heart-shaped shell of dark chocolate surrounds a soft, raspberry ganache center graced with delightfully subtle hints of champagne and cognac notes.

9 Rare Facets

Sample all Rare Facet flavors: two Sour Cherry, two Cranberry-Raspberry, one Blueberry, one Pineapple, one Mandarin Ginger and two Pomegranate.

4 Butterscotch Hops

These gems take good old-fashioned butterscotch to a whole new dimension. A smooth, creamy butterscotch filling surrounded by a custom blend of premium chocolate.

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